Faculty/Staff Email Migration to Gmail - Frequently Asked Questions

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All ASU Faculty and Staff are now on Gmail!
Please read through the FAQ and if you have any comments or concerns, send us an email at computingservices@adams.edu.

Why move to Gmail?

Migrating to Gmail for Faculty and Staff email has several benefits. Employees will have better integration with existing Google Apps, such as Calendar and Drive. After the migration, staff will have access to a more robust mobile and web interface for email. Employees will have access to more features such as setting up auto-replies and forwards. Availability Although costs for Gmail and our existing systems will be comparable, migrating to Gmail will allow for a better utilization of our internal resources and staff.

Will my email address change?

Nope! Your email address will remain the same. All employee email accounts will retain the @adams.edu address.

Will there be advertising in my Gmail account?

No, none of the Google Apps services that you access with your ASU account will have advertising.

Will All of my current mail be migrated?

We have developed migration scripts that automatically copy your mail. However, there are certain limitations imposed by Google that will prevent some messages from being copied. Examples of messages that cannot be copied are those with attachments in the form of Zip files or EXE files; infected attachments, messages larger than 20MB and mailboxes that are over 5GB of quota. At the end of the copy a summary email will be sent to your new account indicating which messages could not be copied.

How much space do I have for mail messages? What if I run out?

Your Google Apps Education account has unlimited storage! You will never run out of space.

How will I get support and training during the migration?

The ASU Google Apps learning center has tons of vidoes, howtos, and information to get you started! Check it out at


In addition, Computing Services will still fully support email and assist with any issues.

Can I still use Thunderbird and sync email to my mobile device (Tablet, Smartbphone)?

Yes! You will still be able to sync your email. Both Thunderbird and your mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) will need reconfigured to point at the new mail server once the migration is complete.[Gmail Mobile App Information]

Computing Services can assist with the changes. Apple Mail and Outlook can be used with Gmail as well.

What kind of attachments are allowed?

Google allows attachments up to 25MB in size. If you need to share a larger file via email, we recommend attached a file using Google Drive. Here is a link to instructions: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/2480713 Attachments with an .exe extension are not allowed.

What about data security and privacy?

Google upholds a strict privacy policy and is committed to respecting the privacy of the information students, faculty and staff place in its systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately.

You may read Google's FAQ on its privacy and security policies for a complete explanation of how they handle your information.

Google agrees that students’ data is subject to FERPA requirements: “To the extent that Google has access to ‘Education Records,’ it is deemed a ‘school official,’ as each of these terms are defined under FERPA. Google agrees to comply with its obligations under FERPA.

Will advertising be present in my Gmail account?

Unlike personal accounts there is no advertising on ASU Gmail accounts.

What about Google+?

All ASU staff currently have Google+ and Google Chat as part of our current Google Apps suite.
Other staff and students can request to add you to chat and circles, but you will always have the option to deny that request. In addition, you can choose to sign out of chats/hangouts in the Gmail interface. If you use an external chat client, such as Pidgin, it will continue to function even if you sign out of chat/hangouts in Gmail. Here are instructions for signing out of chat in Gmail: https://support.google.com/chat/answer/161823?hl=en

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