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How do I find out which version of WebCT I’m using?

Once you have logged in to WebCT, look in either the “check browser” or “webCT Help” options. The information will appear in one of those two places depending on the version at your institution.

I can’t get into my course/I’m having trouble with my course

First, verify the URL of your course as well as your username and password. If you still have difficulties, please contact your instructor or Computing Services.

I want to check my grades, but I don’t see them.

Please contact your instructor

How do I add or remove a course from my WebCT?

You cannot; contact computing services or your instructor

How do I post assignments to my WebCT course?

Contact your instructor for specific details

I have a question about my course or the course material. Who should I ask?

Your instructor

I am unable to take a quiz or test

Contact your instructor

How should I configure my browser?

Be sure you have all of your Windows Updates installed, that your firewall isn't interfering with WebCT, and that you have JAVAscript installed to run. Also, check the Browser Tuneup Section Below.

I am unable to access WebCT from my home computer

Contact Mark Manzanares at AITC 7371

Browser Tune-up

Before using WebCT, make sure that you are using a supported browser and that your browser settings are correct.

Check your browser in WebCT

    • Go to the WebCT Login page
  • Before and after logging in, look for a “check browser” link, in the top right corner of the browser window
  • Click the “check browser” link to start Browser Checker

Tune-up your browser online

  • Start the online browser tune-up if you are having trouble with WebCT and you have already checked your browser in WebCT or you cannot use browser checker in WebCT
    • The tune-up includes detailed, step-by-step instructions to make sure your browser settings are optimized for the best possible WebCT experience
      • Read browser tips and troubleshooting
        • If you are still having trouble using WebCT, read the Browser Tips and Troubleshooting page. There may be a problem with your browser or other software on your computer.

The Browser tune-up is located [here].

WebCT Page Cannot be Displayed Error

If you are recieving this error: “Page Cannot be Displayed”

  • Clear your temporary internet folder, and clear your cookies
    • Check and see if you have Norton Antivirus or Norton Firewall running on your system
      • If you do, disable it while you access WebCT
        • If you are not running a version of Norton Antivirus or Firewall, the problem could be linked back to certain programs which are associated with downloading music files
          • If this problem persist contact Mark Manzanares (x7696)