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Using Local Folders to Archive Email

You can archive old email using local folders in Mozilla Thunderbird.

In Mozilla Thunderbird, everything under Inbox is saved on the mail server.

T-bird arch. 1.png

Everything on Local Folders is saved on your local computer instead of on the email server. This can free up server space without permanently deleting emails you would like to save.

T-bird arch. 2.png

To create a new local folder:

  1. Right click on Local Folders
  2. Select New Folder.
  3. Name the folder and verify that it is created as a subfolder of Local Folders.
  4. Select OK.

You can now drag and drop emails from your Inbox into Local Folders.

Note: Emails saved in Local Folders can only be seen on the computer the Local Folder was created on. 
You will not be able to see these emails in Squirrelmail.

Also, free up space by deleting unneeded attachments off of emails you archive. In Thunderbird simply right click the attachment at the bottom of a message and select delete.