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Phone User Guide



Call Forwarding

Press the “FWD All” soft key on the phone you wish to forward.

  • If forwarding internal: Enter the 4-digit Campus Extension
  • If forwarding Local: Enter 9 + the 7 digit local number
  • If forwarding Long Distance: Enter 9 + 1 + the 10 digit phone number
  • If forwarding International: Enter 9 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number

If the forward was successful, you will see “To (phone number)” under your phone line information.

Long Distance Dialing

To place a Long Distance call from campus

  • dial 9
  • dial 1
  • dial the 10 digit phone number
  • Enter your PAC Code
  • Press "Submit"

International Dialing

To place an international call from campus

  • dial 9
  • 011
  • (country code)
  • (city code)
  • (phone number)
  • (PAC)

Be careful your dialing; some people dial 911 and this can cause problems.

International Fax

Telecomm does not support fax machines; some machines do require a pause (3-6 seconds) between the number and your PAC.

Campus Voicemail

Please visit VOIP Voicemail for instructions on how to access and set up you voicemail box.

  • NOTE: The standard voicemail configuration on campus includes voicemail-to-email in which you will receive all voicemail messages in the form of an email containing an audio file.