Student Access for Student Support Services

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To install Student Access for Student Support Services; The user requesting the install (or a user with access to the SSS share) will need to be logged in.

  1. Navigate to S:\Student Access\(latest installation version)
  2. Copy the installer to the desktop
  3. Run the install
  4. important Change target of the desktop icon (by default it creates two targets, one of which is the

uninstaller. which requires admin credentials)

    1. The target location is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Student Access\StudentAccess.mdb" OR

C:\Program Files\Student Access\StudentAccess.mdb" for a 32 bit installation

  1. Change the permissions of the program file.
    1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)" OR C:\Program Files" for a 32 bit installation
    2. Right-click "Student Access"
    3. Click "Properties"
    4. Click "Security"
    5. Click Edit" and enter admin credentials.
    6. Choose "Users" and check "Modify"
    7. This wiD ensure that both "Read" and "Write" are checked
  2. Run the program from the desktop icon. This ensures the icon is pointing to the right directory.
    1. If a ribbon pops up tb at says it is read-<>Diy, tbe user does not baa tbe correct

permissions set

    1. Click "Enable Content"
    2. Click ·browse· on the pop-up window.
      1. Navigate to the same share which the instaDer was located
      2. Choose the "sa2000.mdb" file
      3. Open
      4. The user should be prompted to enter username and password.