Software Center - Install Optional Software

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 With Software Center, it is now possible to install Computing Services approved software on-demand, without need for Administrative login.

To do so:

  • Some computers have a desktop icon which can be double-clicked.
  • If your computer does not have the desktop icon, you can click on the start button and start typing “software center”. The Software Center will come up as an option in the start menu. Click on it.

The Software Center should pop up, and look like this:


  • In the applications section, there are applications that are available to your device. You can click on them and install them without the need for an administrative account or password.
  • In the Updates section, you will see any updates that need to run on your laptop. Again, administrative access is not required.

If the software that you desire is not available in the Software Center, or the Applications Catalog, it is not available for self installation.
If you are not leaving your device powered on regularly, it’s a good idea to force the Software Center to check in for all available software/updates. To do this:

  • Open the Control Panel (Click on start button, start typing “Control Panel” and click on it when it appears).
  • It will likely look like this, and you will need to change the “View by:” to either Large Icons or Small Icons (it doesn’t matter).


  • Once you have changed the view, you should see an option for “Configuration Manager”, you would select that.


  • This will bring up a pop-up windows called “Configuration Manager Properties”, Select the Actions tab.
  • Click on the “Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle”, and click the Run Now button. Also do this for the “Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle” and the “Software Updates Scan Cycle”.


  • Those will run in the background. Give them a few minutes and re-check the Software Center again.
  • If you are not seeing something you should be seeing, please call the Help Desk @ 719-587-7741 or at ext 7741.