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Part of the Google Apps suite includes Hangouts, which allows instant messaging. The Google Talk application has been discontinued: https://support.google.com/talk/?hl=en&rd=1

Instead, you can use either the Google Hangouts app or Pidgin, a universal chat client.


 To set up Pidgin with ASU Google Hangouts, do the following:

Click on Start, choose "All Programs" and select Pidgin.

Start Pidgin.jpg

When Pidgin opens, you will see the following window. When you do, select "Add"

Welcome to Pidgin.jpg

Select from the dropdown menu, "XMPP"

Pidgin Select Account Type.jpg

In the "Username" field, enter your Adams State username, leaving off the "@adams.edu"

In the "Domain" field, enter "adams.edu"

Leave the "Resource" field empty.

In the "Password" field, enter your Adams State password.

In the "Local Alias" field, you can enter your name. In this case, your contacts will see your "Alias" rather than your Adams State username.

Pidgin Credentials.jpg

DO NOT CLICK ADD YET. At the top of this window, click the "Advanced" tab.

Pidgin Advanced.jpg

In the "Connect server" field, enter "talk.google.com"

Leave all the other fields as they are.

Click Add.

If you have successfully added your Adams State account, your buddy list will open. This will fill up with people as you add them.

Pidgin Buddy List.JPG