Onestop Overview

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Onestop Overview

  • Login with username/password
    • If you don’t know the username/password obtain a token

You Can

  1. Register for classes
  2. View your financial aid status
  3. Accept financial aid loans/work study
  4. Find links for
  5. FASFA
  6. Promissory notes
  7. Work Study
  8. Scholarships
  9. View your account, pay tuition/fees
  10. Check your student email
  11. View your grades
  12. Search for scholarships
  13. Find Work Study positions
  14. Change your ASU Password
  15. Authorize the COF
  16. View/Print unofficial transcripts
  17. Link to Blackboard Course Access
  18. Print a Health Insurance Waiver Form
  19. Visit ASU’s web portal for announcements and information at


The One Stop Student Service Center is located in the SUB. Here you can work with knowledgeable staff in taking care of all your academic needs. They will help with Financial Aid, Payment of Tuition, Registration, and Admissions. This is a convenient way for students to have all of their questions answered in one place.

What is One Stop Student Services on the web?

One Stop Student Services on the web is a website where students can go to look up their transcripts, register for classes, check the balance of their account, and see their grades for a specific semester.

When I try to login to Portal it keeps resetting back to the original login

Your password may be incorrect. Call 719-587-7741 for a password change.

How do I change my passwords?

On the portal homepage there is a password change option in the top right hand toolbar. You click password change and then enter your username and your current password. If the student does not have a username and does not remember their password than he/she needs to call computing services and have their password reset by one of the Help Desk Staff. The student can also verify their username.

Who is eligible for COF?

  • Undergraduate students who are residents of Colorado, taking undergraduate courses in Colorado, are eligibile for COF.
  • Graduate students, regardless of their residency, are not eligible for COF.