Lab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I am have a question about a piece of software or piece of hardware in the lab, where can I get help?

  • We have student computer lab assistants that visit the main labs about every 1/2 hour.
  • You can call the Computing Services Help Desk at (719) 587-7741
  • You can email the Computing Services Help Desk at
  • You can stop by Computing Services 8am-5pm Monday through Friday (7:30-4:30 during the summer months)

I want to work on a file at home, how would you suggest I get my files there?

All the computers in the labs have USB ports (for flash drives) and CD burners. We suggest you use USB flash drive. Another option is to burn your data on CD ROM, this usually works well because almost every machine has a CD drive. Most people use CD-R because they are cheap. Some people use CD-RW as they can be reformatted and reused. I also suggest just sending the file to yourself via email as long as the file is not too large (< 10 Mb).

I have a word processor at home and when I bring documents on a disk I have problems opening the documents Why?

All word processors use their own specific file format. Between word processors of the same company and version, exchanging files is very easy. When using word processors of the same company but different versions you usually can open files of the older version on a newer version. For example you have Microsoft Word version 2003 at home and you use Microsoft word 2007 here in the computer labs. It should open without problems. However if you were to save that file in the Word 2003 format and try to take it home it may not be readable. I suggest that when you are in the lab, you do "Save As" and select and older Word format for the "Save As Type". Sometimes you have to revert to an even simpler format, such as "Rich Text Format". You may lose some formatting bold, font type etc., but it will always open.

Are there Macintosh Computers available on Campus?

Yes in the SUB, McDaniels 119, Music, Art and the Haynie Center.

How does student printing work on campus? See our page on "Printing in the Labs"

Where do I find information on the Acceptable Use Policy

Where do I find information on the Bandwidth Policy