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Computing Services is excited to offer our IT Security Training through KnowBe4!

Cabinet has approved an updated IT Users Responsibility policy. The updated policy includes required IT Security training for any ASU faculty or staff individual that has an account through Computing Services.

Computing Services Policies Page


Computing Services is continually taking steps to make our workstations, networks, and the services we provide more secure.

However, employee training is a very important part of information security. If our systems are very secure but if an employee is tricked by a phishing email and provides a malicious individual with their username and password they could access sensitive employee and institutional data.

In addition, there are several federal requirements that require us to take steps to protect data, such as FERPA and PCI.

Computing Services sends out security reminders via email, but wanted to increase the offerings we have around security training.

According to a recent test, 16% of our employees clicked on phishing emails . This is a large percentage and drove our initiative that more hands on training is necessary.

KnowBe4 Required Training Course

When must the training be completed?

The training must be completed by June 30th of each year.

You will receive multiple email reminders regarding the training. Some will be sent through our campus mailing system, some reminders will come directly from the training system.

What happens if the training is not complete?

You will receive several reminders if the training has not been completed. If the training has still not been completed your ASU account will be locked.

How do I register for training?

To register for the training go to:

You must sign up using your Adams State email address.

I've already registered for the training. How do I sign in?

To sign in, visit and log in with your ASU email address and the password you created when registering for the training.

What devices can I use to take the training?

You can take the training on any computer, laptop, or mobile device! You can even stop the training on one device and pick it up at another one later.

How long does the training take?

The training is comprised of four sections. Each takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. You can stop the training at any time and come back to where you left off.

I received an "incorrect password" message when I try to log in. What do I do?

The password you set up when you enroll in the KnowBe4 training is different from your regular ASU username and password. If you receive an incorrect password message, please click the "reset password" link and password reset instructions will be sent to your email address.

How can I get help if I still can't log in?

If you have any trouble taking the training please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk at 719-587-7741 or at

Phishing Simulation Emails

What is Phishing Simulation?

The phishing simulation emails are send through KnowBe4 to our employees, modeled after real -life phishing emails that the company has seen. This will give you on the spot training on identifying phishing emails, right from your inbox!

What happens if I click on one of the phishing simulation emails?

If you click on a phishing simulation email you will be redirected to a splash page that notifies them that it was a phish, not a legitimate email.

No one will ever share who has clicked on phishing emails! Only the KnowBe4 administrators can see individuals names and are bound to confidentiality. Our intent is not to trick you or be punitive, but rather to provide a new way of training that is much more interactive.

The splash page will look similar to this: