How to take a Screen Shot

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1.If you are attempting to take a Screen Shot in Windows 7:

  • You can take a quick screen shot of an area using the "Snipping Tool" within Windows
Windows 7 Snipping tool
  • Using the Snipping Tool you can choose certain areas of the screen to take a screen shot of, just click the down arrow next to the new button on the Snipping Tool, and you can take a screen shot using a free form tool, a rectangle tool, a window tool, and a full screen tool.
    • The free form tool lets you draw around what you want to copy free hand.
    • The rectangle tool lets you draw a box around what you want to copy.
    • The window tool will copy whichever monitor you choose.
    • The full screen tool will copy your monitor and any other monitors you have.
Snipping Tool
  • The Snipping Tool will also let you save the document anywhere you want right from the tool itself, you just click the floppy disc and then choose the file location and name and press save.
Saving in Snipping Tool

2.If you are attempting to take a Screen Shot using Windows XP or Windows 7:

  • You can just press the Control button and the Print Screen button(Ctrl+Print Screen), this is generally located in the top left hand of your keyboard.
  • Once you have take a screen shot, open up Paint.
  • You can either press the paste button on the Home ribbon if you are using Windows 7, or if you are running Windows XP it will be under the Edit tab. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl(Control) + v.
  • After you have pasted your screenshot into paint, you can then save it as the neccasary file type, location, and name.

3.If you want to take a Screenshot in Mac OS X:

  • The keyboard command is while holding the command button and the shift button press the number 3. Command+Shift+3:
    • This will take a full screen screenshot and save it on the desktop as a .png file type.