Google Spam Quarantine

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In preparation for the Adams State University migration to Gmail for Faculty and Staff we are now routing our email through Google's email servers. In addition to getting us one step closer to the migration it allows us to leverage Google's spam filters.

For more information about the migration to Gmail, please see our Gmail Migration FAQ

You may receive a quarantine message from Google if spam is detected for your account. Below is an example of a Google Quarantine message:


The first heading lists those emails that quarantined. If it is a legitimate email you can click the "Deliver" link.

The second heading lists those emails that were delivered to your inbox, but may be spam. If they are spam, you can click the "Report Spam" link to make sure they get quarantined in the future.

To see the entire listing of all the emails that are in quarantine, select the "Click here to receive an updated summary of messaged quarantined since this report was generated" link.

If you have any questions please contact the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at 719-587-7741 or