Electronic Submissions of Workstudy Timesheets

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Student Workstudy Electronic Time Sheet Submission

Go to www.adams.edu, then click on One Stop, then click on Student Account.

Login with your Workstudy username and password


1.Go to Employee Information


2.Go to Time Sheet


a.Select Choice
b.Click on "Time Sheet"

c.Click on "Enter Hours" to enter hours for a specific day.


d.Input your in and out times. Click on "Save".

e. Click on "Next Day" or "Time Sheet" to choose a different day


e.When you are ready to send your time sheet to your supervisor for
approval click on "Submit for Approval".


To mass input hours (input the same in and out times for more than one day at a time)

Go to Enter Hours

--Enter your time

--Click on "Save"

--Click on "COPY"


Then you have 4 different options:
1. Copy from date displayed (Date that you just entered) to end of the
pay period. If you just entered the first day of the month, you could
copy the same time (start and end time) for the entire month.
2.Include Saturdays: usually this will remain unchecked.
3.Include Sundays: usually this will remain unchecked.
4.Copy by date: with this option you are able to select the specific
dates (or days of the week) that you want. So, click on every check box
that you want and click on "Copy" at the bottom of the page. The same
hours will be copied to every day that was selected.


--You will get a message at the top of the page that says "Your hours
have been copied successfully."

--Then click on "Time Sheet" at the bottom of the page.

--Finally click on "Preview" to review your changes.

You can now enter other hours, OR submit to your supervisor for approval.