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In Microsoft Word, to change autocomplete from Adams State College to Adams State University do the following:

For a PC (Mac version is below):
1. In a blank document type the words – Adams State University
2. Select the text (no need to copy, just select)
3. Click on Insert
4. Click on Quick Parts
5. Click on AutoText
6. Click on Save Selection to AutoText Gallery (listed at the bottom)
7. You might have to type in the word "University", Click on OK

To delete (for a PC) – Adams State College
1. Click on Insert
2. Click on Quick Parts
3. Click on AutoText
4. See the listing for.…College, hover over and right click
5. Select Organize and delete
6. Find Adams…College, select and click on Delete

For a Mac:
1. In a new blank Word document
2. Click on Insert
3. Click on AutoText
4. Click on Autotext (again)
5. Scroll through the listing to
a. Select and delete the “Adams…College” entry
b. To Add -- Type in the Adams State University entry,
c. Click Add