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This section explains how to delete temporary internet files like “cookies” and offline content “proxy settings” with various web browsers. You might need to clean the cached files from your web browser of stored online files in order to have more efficient connections when connecting to websites and webpages.

Browser: Internet Explorer

Delete Cookies

  • Click “tools” > Select “Internet Options”

Tools > Internet Options

  • The internet options box will have a temporary internet files field where you will need to click on the delete cookies option… a new box will appear with a message that reads “delete all cookies in temporary internet files folder?” click okay to delete.

Delete Proxy Settings

  • Click tools > select “Internet Options”

Tools > Internet Options

  • Select the “connections” tab at the top, where you will click to open a new page where the proxy settings are located.
  • Click on the “LAN settings” option
Connections > LAN Settings
  • In the Local Area Network (LAN) field you will need to be sure that the “automatically detect settings” box is checked. Also check to make sure that the “use automatic configuration script” is not checked.
    • You will need to click ok on the bottom of the page to confirm that any proxy settings have been removed.

Browser: Firefox

Delete Cookies 1.7.12

  • This process will delete “cookies,” offline content, and “proxy settings” with the Mozilla Browser version 1.7.12
    • Click “edit” in the toolbar.
    • Open the “preferences” option at the bottom of the list and double-click on “Privacy & Security.”
    • Double-clicking on “Privacy & Security” will open up a list with the “Cookies” option. Clicking on “Cookies” will open the screen where you will need to click “Cookie Manager.”
    • After Opening the “Cookie Manager” button, you will want to click on the “Remove All Cookies” tab. This will delete the temporary cached files (cookies) that are stored up in the hard drive.

Delete Cookies 1.5

  • Click on “tools” on the toolbar and click the “Options” field at the end of the dropdown list.
  • After clicking “Options” there will be a new option file field with the “Cache Tab” already highlighted. Click on the “OK” tab, doing so will delete all viewed pages that are saved for faster viewing.

Delete Cookies

  • Click “Tools” >
    • “Options” >
      • “Privacy” >
        • “Show Cookies” >
          • “Remove All Cookies”