Blackberry Modem Setup

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This How-to article describes how to use your Blackberry storm as a cellular modem for internet access while off campus

What you need before you begin

  • Laptop or desktop with an available USB port
  • Administrative account for installing software on your computer (CS technicians can help if you don't have admin rights)
  • BB Storm
  • BB Storm USB Cable (came with the phone)
  • BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone CD that came with your phone

Installing the VZAccess Manager software from CD

  • Insert the CD that came with your phone, it should indicate on the label that it includes the "VZAccess Manager Software."
  • Double-click the CD drive if it does not auto-play, and select the second option, "Install VZAccess Manager to use your wireless phone as a modem"
  • Run through the default setup options, and when it completes, shutdown and restart your computer.

Connecting your Blackberry

  • The install process should have placed an icon for VZAccess Manager on your desktop and also under Start-Programs. Run the program.
  • You will go through a short wizard, when prompted, select "Detect WWAN device only (1x...)
  • If prompted, follow the instructions for installing your phone as a modem.
  • Click Next until you come to the Connectivity options page. Select Data Cable and select Next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for plugging in the cable to your phone and then to your computer. Click next once your device is discovered. The system will now detect your wireless device, click yet to allow your phone to be used as a modem.
  • When prompted, enter your phone number again.
  • Finally, you can choose to run the VZAccess manager software at device start-up, or manually by running the shortcut.

Connecting to the Internet

  • Once all steps above have been completed, you can use your BB Storm as a modem anytime, by plugging your phone into the computer using the USB cable, and running the VZAccess Manager software, and then clicking "Connect"
  • If, once you get connected, you get redirected to a verizon wireless page asking you to subscribe your account to Mobile Broadband Connect, you will need to have Otis activate this on your account before you will be able to use this service.