Activate Student Account

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To activate your student account go to

If you need assistance to obtain your Student ID number or a Token number, call the Computing Services Help Desk at (719)587-7741

  • Type your Student ID number (the 900 number) and the Token number you were issued
  • Check the box that reads "I accept the Acceptable Use Policy" which is a link to the policy.
  • Click on the "Activate your account" button
  • By activating your account, you agree to be bound by the Adams State Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The page will display your username. (Write it down), and your Adams State student email address.
  • Proceed to Reset your password. Passwords must be at least ten characters long and contain at least three character types; upper case, lower case, number or special characters.

*For security reasons you can only use the token number one time. If something doesn't go right the first time you use your Token number, you will need to contact the Computing Services Help Desk at 719-587-7741 to have a new one generated.